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The year 1998 marks a turning point in Plantafarm as it becomes part of MartinBauer.

MartinBauer, headquartered in Vestenbergsgreuth, Germany, is synonymous with top quality and experience in the development of herbal and fruit teas, medicinal teas, herbal powders, botanicals, herbal extracts, fruits, active ingredients , plant health and nutritional supplements worldwide. MartinBauer, provides a wide range of products and services covering the entire process associated with plants, from the selection of different plant species, through its processing and manufacturing services to reach analysis, advice and distribution, to countless customers international tea industry, beverages and pesticides, many of which have been broadcasting their trust in the group for decades.

MartinBauer is characterized by continually set new standards of safety and efficacy flavors with natural products. As part of the Nature Network ®, known for maintaining a philosophy based on constant quality sustainable growth premium botanicals and certified production methods.

The presence of the group, The Nature Network ®, in all international markets gives us the vision and knowledge necessary to provide quality advice to our customers.

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