Raw materials

Only use the best ingredients for the best results. This is why we are committed to a consistent concept of quality. This ensures that our products always obtain premium quality botanical and sustainable growth.

ICC (Integrated Controlled Cultivation). If we get our products from suppliers confidence and grow our plants under cultivation contracts fulfilled our priority which is the protection of natural resources and promoting sustainable growth. so associate the CIC concept, which means Controlled and Integrated Crop. This includes working with our suppliers on a long term basis, avoiding where possible the use of chemical pesticides and using only certain materials clearly defined. What's more, thanks to our integration with the concept of The Nature Network ®, we have a secure supply for a large percentage of the raw materials we need and with the highest level of quality.

Product Safety and Supply: A reliable supply of resources from around the world

With our policy of raw materials and integration into the Nature Network ®, we can ensure supply at any time of year. As part of this group, we have access to over 200 different plant species and higher storage capacity 40,000 tons.

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